Connell Company | Material Handling Equipment Dealer


Our History

Over 90 years ago, John J. Connell saw a developing need for material handling equipment in the St. Louis region.  At the time, John was merely a purchasing agent for the railroad, but encouraged by his entrepreneurial spirit and drive to improve the efficiency of his industry, in 1929, John founded Connell Company.  As far as we know, Connell Company was the first distributorship for material handling equipment in the St. Louis region.

For the next 44 years, John J. Connell capitalized on his integrity and devotion to clients to build the foundation of the Connell Company that you know today.  In 1973, John Connell sold the company to his son-in-law, Norman P. Turek.  Norman continued Connell Company’s legacy as a valued local supplier of material handling equipment.  After 13 years, Norman sold the business to his son, Jack Turek, who still currently serves as the active president of Connell Company. In 2009, Jack’s son, John Turek, entered the company and represents the company’s 4th generation.  In 2018, John Turek is appointed President of Connell Company.

Keeping to its family values, Jack and John continue to provide the St. Louis, Kansas City, and Southwest Missouri regions a local partner for solutions in regards to moving and storing products.

The Family

1929: John J. Connell founds Connell Company

1973: John J. Connell sells Connell Company to his son-in-law Norman P. Turek

1986: Norman P. Turek sells Connell Compnay to his son Jack Turek

2009: Jack Turek’s son John Turek enters the company

2018: John Turek is appointed President of Connell Company