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Material Handling Equipment, Forklift Rentals & Leasing

Our job is to listen to the customer’s needs and design a financial solution.
When you have a tough job, you need equally tough equipment to get the job done right. Here at Connell Company, we can get you the material handling equipment you need, and at rates that fit your budget.

What to Expect:

Here’s what you can expect from Connell Company:

  • Lift truck capacities from 3,000 lbs. to 36,000 lbs.
  • Flexible short-term and long-term rental options to meet any need
  • On-site delivery and included maintenance
  • Late-model fleet guaranteed to get the job done

Available Rentals:

Our rentals include the following:

What Type of Forklift is Best for Your Job?

We offer the best forklift rentals in the St. Louis area, so you can rest assured that you’re getting quality material handling equipment no matter what type of truck you choose.

  • Pallet Jack:  A pallet jack is an extremely basic forklift that does exactly what the name implies: it moves pallets around your jobsite. This lift can be either manual or electric, depending on your needs and budget.
  • Scissor Lift:  When you need some added lift height, the scissor lift can help you out. Manual and electric versions are available. An electric forklift operates on a battery, which makes it great for indoor facilities like warehouses since it doesn’t emit harmful fumes like other types of forkliftsHowever, larger scissor lifts are available for heftier outdoor projects. For rough terrain worksites, it’s best to choose a forklift with pneumatic tires.
  • Sit-down Forklift:  When handling materials for an extended period of time, it’s often far more comfortable for the forklift operator to use a sit-down version.
  • Stand-up Forklift:  For smaller, quicker tasks–like moving around small pallets–a stand-up forklift is a convenient option.
  • Reach Truck:  Reach forklifts are perfect for working in small or narrow aisles and can extend themselves to grab their load, as the name suggests.

Flexible Rental Plans

Connell Company offers rental and leasing plans that customers can customize to meet their needs while minimizing capital outlay. We have flexible monthly rental rates that take into account the length of a rental term. For example, our “Rent to Own” rental plan allows you, the customer, the option of applying paid rental monies toward an equipment purchase without the commitment to purchase.

Unmatched Flexibility

We pride ourselves on the flexibility of our rental plans.
  • Bundles
                   Our leasing plans allow customers to bundle items like a storage rack for LPG and propane cylinders, batteries, and chargers with forklifts
  • New vs Used Rentals
                   New and used equipment can be leased.
  • Customized Terms
                   You can tailor 1 to 7-year terms to your equipment usage.
  • Optional Maintenance Plans
                   Maintenance plans can be included in monthly payments.
  • Tax Leases Available
                   Tax leases with various residuals and capital leases that provide ownership are available. 


Each customer’s needs are different, so please contact us to learn about competitively priced options that work for your budget.