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Doosan Forklift Dealer – Find a Doosan Forklift Today

For tough jobs, you need tough equipment. If you are interested in superior material handling equipment, it might be time to contact a Doosan forklift dealer. These heavy-duty lift trucks are perfect for warehouse job sites or any location where you need to move around heavy products.

Why Choose Doosan?

Doosan is a South Korean company that has been in the business since 1896. With over a hundred years in the industry, Doosan knows just how valuable having reliable material handling equipment truly is.

When you choose Doosan, you choose from over 130 models within their Industrial Vehicle product line. This line offers vehicles with load capacities reaching up to 55,000 pounds, so you know Doosan can tackle even the most challenging jobs. 

Doosan Industrial Vehicle America Corporation (DIVAC) offers six major types of product:

  • Internal combustion with cushion tires
  • Internal combustion with pneumatic tires
  • Electric counterbalance
  • Reach trucks
  • Pallet trucks and stacker
  • Warehouse vehicles

There is a reason Doosan is a Fortune Global 500 company; their dedication to providing top-of-the-line products across the globe shows in their incredible brand loyalty and continued growth and innovation.


Where Can I Find a Doosan Forklift and Parts Dealer Near Me?

We here at Connell Material Handling are certified original equipment manufacturer (OEM) product dealers for Doosan.

How much is a Doosan forklift?

The cost of a Doosan forklift will vary depending on the specific model, where it is purchased, and what condition the vehicle is in. That said, a new Doosan forklift may cost up to $45,000 dollars.

The quality of the product justifies this cost, although that price may still put Doosan out of reach for many companies.

Connell Material Handling offers forklift rentals and repairs, so anyone can use top-notch equipment at a fraction of the cos

Is Doosan a good forklift?

Doosan forklifts are steady, reliable, and can have major load capacities: all good qualities in a forklift. This brand also offers a wide variety of products, meaning most people can find a pallet truck to fit their needs.

Where are Doosan forklifts made?

The Doosan Industrial Vehicle America Corp.’s Parts Distribution Center (PDC) is located in Buford, Georgia.