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Your worksites require industrial equipment that’s not just powerful, but also mobile, adaptable, and safe. You can find all these qualities and more when you choose Komatsu. 

As a St. Louis leader in material handling equipment, we here at Connell Material Handling are proud to call ourselves your trusted STL Komatsu forklift dealer. We can help you find the equipment, parts, and services you need to get your next project running smoothly.

Why Choose Komatsu?

Officially founded in 1921 in Japan, Komatsu has decades of experience crafting quality material handling equipment that makes jobs easier and safer. The company owes its success to its core values: ambition, perseverance, collaboration, authenticity. These values are reflected in how the company manufactures its high-quality products and conducts business.

The environmentally-conscious can also rest easy when choosing Komatsu; this equipment manufacturer is committed to continually improving the way it uses its products, how it can reduce emissions, and how it partners with communities to create a more sustainable system that values both the environment and improving society.

Komatsu supports the following industries:

  • Construction
  • Industry
  • Government
  • Material Handling
  • Forestry
  • Quarry
  • And More

To support these industries, the company offers 11 forklift models (AE50, AM50, BBX50, FR50, BX50, AX50, BX50, CX50, FH35-50, FH70-80, and FH100-160). They offer these models in four major categories:

  • Electric Lift Trucks
  • Narrow Aisle Reach Trucks
  • IC Pneumatic Forklifts
  • IC Cushion Forklifts

These models can meet the needs of most job sites. Depending on the model, these forklifts have capacities ranging from 3,000 pounds on their smaller models to 35,000 pounds on their heavy-duty lift trucks.


Where Can I Find a Komatsu Forklift and Parts Dealer Near Me?

You can contact us here at Connell Material Handling to get started on finding the right Komatsu forklift and parts you need to get started on your next big project.

Are Komatsu Forklifts Any Good?

The answer to this question depends on what you consider “good.” If you value adaptability, safety, and efficiency, then yes, Komatsu forklifts are good!

Who Makes Komatsu Forklifts?

Komatsu Ltd. is headquartered in Tokyo, Japan. It has multiple plants across the globe, including in North America. The head office for Komatsu America Industries LLC. is located in Chicago, Illinois. 

What Engine is in a Komatsu Forklift?

The type of engine Komatsu forklifts have will vary by model. According to the official Komatsu website, their forklifts have one of the following power types:

  • Electric
  • LPG
  • LPG/Dual Fuel
  • Diesel

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