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Forklifts are incredible pieces of machinery, but there are limits to what the standard lift truck fork can do. For cartons, bales, and other odd-shaped products, using specialized forklift attachments can help forklift operators move products in a safer, more efficient manner. For companies looking to upgrade their lift truck fleet with top-notch attachments, Rightline attachments are worth exploring.

About Rightline

Based in Rainier, Oregon, Rightline Equipment, Inc. is all about providing clients with high-quality lift truck attachments that can improve the versatility and efficiency of all kinds of material handling equipment. People have trusted this company for decades to consistently meet deadlines and deliver reliable equipment at affordable rates.

What This Company Offers

Virtually any attachment a lift truck dealer could want is sold by Rightline. Their substantial product catalog includes:

  • Clamps, including carton clamps, bale clamps, fork clamps, and paper roll clamps.
  • Smart Clamps that sense load sizes to automatically press onto loads with exactly the right pressure.
  • Hang-on, lateral, and integral fork positioners to make moving objects more efficient.
  • Push pulls that provide an alternative to forks.
  • Side shifters for side-to-side maneuverability.
  • Single doubles that allow forklifts to carry up to two pallets at once.
  • Adapter carriages to extend carriage width.
  • Hang-on and integral block handlers to make moving cube-shaped loads easier than ever.
  • ITA carriage bars that can replace older fork bars.
  • Double side shifters that have the versatility of single doubles and side shifters.
  • Flexible bag handlers that can safely work with “super sack” bags.
  • Forks of all shapes and sizes.
  • Forward bin dumpers that make loading and dumping bins an efficient process.
  • Load backrests to improve safety by adding an extra layer between loads and the operator.
  • Load inverters, stabilizers, and rotators to perform a wide variety of maneuvers that are not possible with a standard fork.

Slope pilers for precise load leveling on even the most uneven of terrain.

Why Choose Rightline Attachments?

Rightline forklift attachments are for people who want to enhance their current lift truck fleet. Need to move bales of product? This company has an attachment that allows forklifts to do just that. Need to rotate bins? There is an attachment available for that, too. No matter the industry, there is sure to be an attachment that can help enhance current fleets and improve efficiency at any job site.


Do attachments come with a warranty?

According to the official website, the company offers a 1-year warranty for parts and labor. There is also an option for an extended warranty that lasts for 40 months/10,000 truck operating hours.

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