Material Handling Equipment Training



Connell Company believes that one of the most important aspects of material handling is safety in the workplace. In fact, OSHA mandates you, the employer, to certify that all of your operators have been trained on the vehicles they are independently operating. While Connell Company can’t certify your employees, we do offer products and services that provide the training necessary for your employees to safely operate your equipment.

Our Operator Safety Program allows Connell Company to administer the OSHA required training to one or all of your employees.  We offer on-site training focused on the equipment your company uses, in whatever capacity your company is using it.  The program’s rates are determined by the number of employees participating combined with a flat fee for the service provided.

Our Operator Safety Training Kit provides you with the tools to adequately train your employees all on your own.  Whenever you feel the need arise, you can administer your own training programs, designed by Connell Company, to help adequately ensure safety in your workplace.